Singularity Escape is a top down spaceship simulator. The main character and his two shipmates are making a delivery from a mysterious customer. Big cash payment up front, ask questions later type of delivery. When arriving at the delivery coordinates, they are pulled into the gravity well of an unexpected black hole. The goal of the main character has now shifted from delivery, to survival. Using whatever resource is available, the goal of the game is to see the main character to safety.

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This game was created for the libGDX Jam - Powered by RoboVM & Robotality.

Crew of The Gambit


This silver-tongued human trader is the owner and captain of the trade ship Gambit. He is the main character and the goal above all else is to see him to safety.


Top of her class, Cindy is one of the brightest human minds this galaxy has seen in ages. Cindy owes a large sum of money to the Pirates Guild to pay for her schooling, but couldn't make payments and is on the run serving on the Gambit to pay her debt.


An energy based lifeform, belonging to the only other sentient race Humans have discovered in the universe. SL71b resides in a space suit to emulate human shape and is an expert in engineering. SL71b does not require Oxygen to live.

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